HP 150W 19.5V ADAPTER (917677-003 ,917649-850)

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  • HP Envy 17-AE100 17-AE101NA 17-AE103NA HP 3MD65AV 4SC18UT 775626-003 776620-001 917649-850 917677-003 L32661-001 TPN-DA03 TPN-DA09 W2F74AA Z5U90AV
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New,Open box. Output Voltage(s):19.5 P/N :917677-003, 917649-805, TPN-DA09. Brand:HP. Output Current:7.7 A. Type:AC/Standard. Compatible Brand:For HP. Max. Output Power:150 W.
HP 150W 19.5V ADAPTER (917677-003 ,917649-850)
HP 150W 19.5V ADA...
Dhs. 155.00