5 Things To Consider Before Buying Renewed Laptops
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5 Things To Consider Before Buying Renewed Laptops

In the fast-paced business environment of the Middle East, having reliable and efficient renewed laptops is crucial for operations. New laptops represent a significant capital expenditure for many companies that must be carefully evaluated. However, renewed business laptops offer a compelling value proposition worth considering, especially if you are a startup looking to set up business in Dubai.  

Before procuring renewed computers, someone from your company or procurers must weigh several factors to ensure the technology suits their needs and delivers the best return on investment. At PCMart, we provide assistance to companies who want to establish an integrated computer network for their workforce. We have the best affordable, durable, and quality products that are significantly cheaper than on the market and get the same results.  


PCMart -- Redefining Renewed Laptops  

Renewed laptops refer to previously owned laptops that get comprehensively inspected, tested, cleaned, repaired, and upgraded to meet original manufacturing specifications. Renewed devices then get resold at substantial cost savings compared to brand-new models.  


Leading computer makers like Dell, HP, and Lenovo have dedicated renewed laptop programs. Independent IT asset disposition firms such as PCMart are redefining the tech industry in the UAE by specializing in renewing off-lease corporate laptops to as-new condition.  


Another added benefit of being an IT asset disposition vendor is that you can provide your clients with the best pricing deals on bulk orders, unlike the manufacturers. When executed correctly, the renewal process results in laptops functionally equivalent to new ones in features and execution.  


Benefits of Renewed Laptops for UAE Businesses  

Here are some of the benefits businesses and startups can take benefit from using laptops from PCMart: 


Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Savings 

By experience, many expert businesspeople will tell you that by choosing renewed devices, UAE companies usually save 30-50% or more upfront compared to the latest models. A move like that reduces the total cost of ownership, ongoing support, and maintenance costs significantly than when purchasing directly from the manufacturer.  


Environmental Sustainability 

Extending laptop lifecycles via renewal helps UAE firms minimize e-waste and resource consumption as part of more significant sustainability initiatives. Laptop renewal processes are crucial to the UAE, which is one of the leading countries to take an initiative to curb global warming and e-waste problem.  


Performance & Reliability  

Our corporate-grade laptops like Dell Latitude series and Lenovo ThinkPad line are built to deliver solid performance with SSDs, robust memory, and processing powers capable for handling day-to-day office tasks.  



Since older renewed laptop models cost less, companies can acquire more units for the same spend than buying fewer new devices. Supporting flexibility and remote work becomes affordable.  


What to Look for When Buying Renewed  

 To maximize value, UAE businesses should verify specific criteria when purchasing renewed laptops:  


Warranty Coverage: Seek at least 90 days (about 3 months) of comprehensive warranty coverage from reputable providers to address any issues. Lucky for our clients, PCMart offers such coverage without specific requests.  


Vendor Reputation: Work only with established vendors or OEM renewed programs that follow stringent processes. It is better to read customer testimonials beforehand. Since vendor reputation is an acquired process, companies often ask around to get an idea of the renewed market.  


Condition: Demand Grade A quality renewed laptops that were gently used by prior enterprises and showed minimal cosmetic wear after refurbishment. Your company should negotiate all relevant concerns with the selling companies before purchasing in bulk to be on the safe side.  


Specifications: Require laptops matching or exceeding minimum criteria for CPU, memory, storage, and screens to handle intended business applications. Be clear on what you want.  


Security: Confirm all customer data is entirely erased to corporate standards and hard drives are securely wiped. 


Taxes: Account for VAT and other taxes for procuring renewed laptops shipped into the UAE and elsewhere (if applicable).  


By selectively sourcing from reputable vendors and thoroughly vetting product conditions, specifications, data security, warranties, vendor reputation, and taxes, UAE companies can confidently acquire large numbers of quality renewed laptops for significant cost savings.  


Renewed Laptops Against New Laptops  

While renewed devices make sense for many UAE companies, prudent IT management still compares these benefits against simply buying brand-new laptops:  


Latest Hardware: New laptops inevitably boast the newest processor generations, memory/storage technologies, displays, connectivity capabilities, and improved battery life.  


Warranty Period: Some new models include up to 3 years of onsite warranty to support the next business day, whereas most renewed laptops offer 90 days (about 3 months) of warranty coverage.  


Newer Software: Brand new laptops purchased today may ship with newer operating systems and software capabilities compared to renewed units running slightly older OS versions without ready upgrades.  


Future Proofing: With technology constantly evolving, new laptops bring the latest capabilities that will last longer into the future before feeling dated or underpowered. New ensures forward compatibility.  


Prestige Perception: Employee reception of renewed devices may vary across organizations, with some viewing used laptops as "hand-me-downs" next to shiny new models that boost morale and perception.  


By carefully weighing the pros and cons compared to new equipment, UAE CIOs can determine the best procurement strategy matching budget realities and workforce needs. Choosing new or renewed laptops both have merits depending on corporate environments and refresh lifecycles, but if it is a budget concern, then PCMart-tested quality laptops are the way to go.  


Maximizing Renewed Laptops Investments  

To maximize the ROI of renewed laptop deployments, UAE businesses should:  


- Standardize specific models company-wide for more accessible support  

- Add asset tags, join Active Directory domains   

- Enforce security policies like device encryption  

- Procure sufficient spare parts for minor repairs   

- Deploy laptop lifecycle management software   

- Plan subsequent refresh cycles in 3-4 years  

With careful initial planning, consistent policies, and proactive support, enterprises get optimal value from renewed laptops while workers stay productive.  


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Key Takeaways  

When thoughtfully sourced, corporate-renewed laptops bring tremendous value. But UAE firms must verify warranties, performance, security, vendor reputation, and taxes and weigh trade-offs vs new laptops. By instituting sound procurement strategies for renewed technology matched to user requirements, enterprises reap savings, contributing to a healthy IT budget and bottom line.  

To find out how we can help you better, please get a free quote from our website. Our product lists are also available there, making you narrow down your choices based on your set criteria.  

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