Refund policy

Carefully read the conditions below reserves the right to refuse any returns or request.  After the receipt of your order, you have 12 hours to claim damaged items on delivery or missing item. Keep in mind that our support team will investigate the matter thoroughly.

Eligibility for return?

Each product on is eligible for return. Unless stated otherwise. The nature of the product may result in no return. Such as Custom PC as each component is assembled or Combo Offers. If you plan to return you purchase you can do so in the next 15 days after you receive the order. The following conditions come into effect:

  • The product must be returned with its original packaging.
  • If the product has a design defect and is not working properly. In that case you need to return everything that came with the order. We keep a checklist of items which we ship out. Any missing item will void the return.

Cancelling the order

You can cancel the order at any time. The moment it leaves our warehouse the order can only be cancelled via contacting us. If you would like to amend the order or the add something else in the order you can also do that in the call. For instructions regarding orders, you can email us @.

Do mention why you want to cancel order. 

Refunds for Orders

Refunds for cancelled or Returned Orders are processed as soon as possible. We fully inspect all returns before proceeding to refunds. Refund will only be done through which an original payment was made. If you paid by cash, you will be refunded cash. Refund Transactions take up to 10 business days. Refunds for Bank A/C usually takes up 1-7 business days.