What Are The Benefits For Owning A Desktop Computer And Why Should You Care?
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What Are The Benefits For Owning A Desktop Computer And Why Should You Care?

Owning a desktop computer all depends on the work you do. IF you are always on the run a laptop will suffice, but if we want semblance then owning a Personal computer is a viable option. But many consider that PC (Personal Computer) is too harsh. That the future is with mobility. But that is not the case. Owning a desktop brings a variety of benefits. 

These benefits are always overshadowed. It provides more power than you can expect from a laptop. I do not want this article to be a comparison. For me, a laptop is great if you are moving all the time. But a PC is a better option. I can sit in my room, relax, and escape into the reality of my choice. Here are several reasons why owning a PC is an excellent choice. 


One of the main reasons why customers prefer a desktop computer is because of the power. If you want top of the line performance for creating applications or training your AI (Artificial Intelligence), then a PC is a great candidate. To have the same performance on a laptop will be an expensive affair. 

The importance of power purely depends on what you want your computer to do. For crypto, machine learning or playing AAA video games, you need a beast. PCs (Personal Computer) are that beast. 


The main reason customers always invest in computers is that price plays a pivotal role. A renewed Personal computer is less expensive than a renewed laptop. Of course, buying a new PC might feel expensive, that is why customers like yourself have the option to go for the renewed route. Having a budget for a computer is an effective way to start. 

But always look for what is worth before spending your budget. If you want to play video games, then a beefy graphic card is necessary. Unless you just need to browse or watch video the integrated will do. The price of each component complements the customer. So, choose wisely. 


Desktop Computer give you the unique opportunity to upgrade your computer parts. Something a laptop does provide, but it will cost you a lot. Upgrading your PC is also easy as you only need to open your computer chassis. 

All tower PC come with space that allows you to do just that. Adding a 200 mm graphic card to a computer is far easier than looking for a smaller version for your laptop. The space also allows for cool air to pass through. This way your components always remain cold in the evening in the hot season. 

Desktop Computer


Desktop computers are easy to repair. As you have direct access to the individual component that is making the issue. You do not need technical knowledge to find out what is wrong with your Personal computer. Replacing the broken component can be an issue unless you run into blue screen of death. In that case, a proper technician can help fix your computer. The main cause for any component causing problems is dust. So, it would be wise to clean your PC. 


But it is the truth, individual computer parts are easier to steal but not the whole computer. Unless you have a copy of Half-life 3 on your pc then most everyone will try to steal it. That is why cell phones and laptops are the most stolen products in the world market today. Have you even seen a thief stealing a PC? 

By the time he makes up with loot only to find that the person he robbed had a Celeron in the computer. I bet the thief never saw that coming. The amount of determination required to do this is amazing. Unless it is toilet paper. In that case no match. People stocking on toilet paper still gives me a chuckle. 

Silence And More Access 

This is what every person wants. But only a computer desktop can offer that. The amount of noise made by your computer depends on how much cleaning you do. Mostly the noise is made by the fans. If you keep your pc tidier then the only thing you will hear is your storage device working or crickets chirping. 

As for access PC have more ports. This is purely dependent on your motherboard. If you are a streamer, then having more ports is a blessing. And for some reason all ports are occupied, and you need another one. You can simply add one. Once cannot have too many USB-C charging cables. 


Desktop computer is better because you to do so much more. Of course, laptops are great with their portability but at what cost? So, I hope at least the comparisons with laptops will stop. And no, I do not endorse PC master race. It is just that 4k is amazing. 

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