Dell Latitude 5490 empowers business class to perform professional computing tasks
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Dell Latitude 5490 empowers business class to perform professional computing tasks

The Dell Latitude series is designed for business-oriented classes. They are popular for high-performance and security features. It stands out when it comes to performance capabilities as compared to Lenovo. Dell Latitude 5490 is an excellent choice amongst them. The user demands speed, longevity, and battery life.  

The Latitude 5490 laptop has passed 14 different MIL-SPEC tests. It can withstand extreme weather climatic conditions like vibrations, temperature, etc. It implies the laptop can be used outside the office premises in any type of industry. 

The durability and variety of configurations increase the worth of the Dell 5490. With an Intel Core processor, the Latitude Dell 5490 feels great to run your software and business applications. PC Mart enables the customer to buy customized laptops that need top-tier performance at affordable cost.  


Model: Dell Latitude 5490   




Dell Latitude 14-5490 


Intel Core i5-8350U (Quad-Core, 1.7GHz) 




256GB SSD 




What special Dell Latitude 5490 offers for me?  

Security and strength:   

Dell 5490 can bear extreme variables. It can tolerate hot and cold climates. You do not have to be conscious if it suddenly drops on the floor. This laptop has passed the MIL-SPEC tests. It is durable and can sustain pressure. The security features are perfect for protecting sensitive data, such as fingerprint reader, IR webcam, and smart card reader. This durability and security go hand in hand which meets user requirements.  


Responsive and innovative design:  

These laptops are exclusively smart, fast, and more responsive. Easy connections and smart systems increase the level of productivity. The Dell Latitude products are lightweight. Ports support the meetings and conferences for interactive sessions. The manufacturers are committed to adopting sustainable choices for using recycled materials in its construction. Aluminum and carbon fiber are recyclable materials. 

Battery life:  

The battery makes or breaks the deal. Latitude 5490 has ample battery storage to work for extended periods. Professionals and office employees can use it to complete daytime activities without being plugged in. The battery life wins the heart of consumers.  


Dell Latitude is the right balance of intelligence and performance. Intel Core processor speeds up work efficiently with extended battery life to support demanding tasks. The RAM and SSD stores data and speed up work efficiency. The system can upgrade memory up to 32 GB for better performance. 

 Warranty and return policy:  

Renewed Dell Latitude produces 90 days (about 3 months) warranty. The return policy of the product builds credibility. The customer support services resolve queries. It increases the trust of the customer. They become more interested in buying other accessories at a reasonable cost.  


Dell 5490 can handle a wide range of professional applications. It can manage accounting software, data analysis, and web development projects. It supports the IT department in meeting the demands of enterprises. Professionals use it for designing, data reporting, content creation, video calling, conferencing, etc. It runs all essential business applications.  

Why choose PC Mart for Dell Latitude 5490?  

PC Mart offers cost-effective and quality products. Our products come with a warranty of 90 days (about 3 months) and a return policy. We have a customer support service that builds confidence and trust. Our fully functional products are tested, inspected, and adhere to standards. Dell Latitude has incredible specs and performance capabilities. It can handle your daily business tasks. We provide custom configurations based on customer needs and preferences. We are the trusted center of gravity in offering more reliable products.  

Contact us; We have multiple Dell Latitude Variants for professionals.  

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