News That You Might Have Missed In The Domain of Computers: November Edition

News That You Might Have Missed In The Domain of Computers: November Edition

Computers are rapidly evolving as you are reading this right now. The things of the past are no longer preferred and exciting innovative technology is making its way into the machines. These inventions and theories are automating certain tasks while creating opportunities to save time on others. November has seen some intriguing news come to light for the computer industry. 

Dell Strikes $150M Hardware Deal With AI Start-Up 

Dell Technologies signed a $150 million agreement with AI start-up Imbue to construct a computer cluster for training reasoning foundation models, marking a customer victory for its server division. 

Imbue said that it is already using the cluster to train AI models and create prototype bots capable of repairing coding faults and interpreting long texts. Dell's PowerEdge XE9690 servers and Nvidia's H100 Tensor Core GPUs are used in the setup. 

The AI firm is training its foundation models to increase their thinking and problem-solving abilities, which need a significant amount of computing power. According to the firms, the system was meant to incorporate tiny clusters that, when merged, would enable quick experimentation for building AI systems. 

Editor’s Opinion 

This move could prove to be beneficial for both parties as Dell will get its necessary AI training and imbue will receive the hardware it needs to work. This partnership could mark the beginning of something extraordinary in the world of Artificial Intelligence. 

Apple Forsakes 5G Modem Development 

According to the most recent claim, which cannot be completely verified, Apple abandoned its ambitions because it was not making the desired progress. Apple renewed its 5G modem arrangement with Qualcomm until 2026 in September. So far, Qualcomm modems have been employed in all of Apple's devices.  

Cupertino was supposed to switch to its in-house manufactured 5G modem around 2026, but this now appears improbable. Apple also got into legal issues with Qualcomm's modem patents, which are slated to expire in 2030. 

Editor’s Opinion 

Apple building its own 5G modem would have allowed the company to seamlessly integrate its proprietary 5G modems with its products, potentially improving performance, battery economy, and overall user experience. This action by them may result in a shift in community sentiment toward Apple products. 

Nvidia Faces Regulatory Scrutiny 

Nvidia, the global chip manufacturing behemoth, reported in a recent regulatory filing that regulatory organizations in the European Union, China, and France had requested information concerning its graphic cards. The regulatory interest, as mentioned in the November 21 filing, includes queries from many authorities. The French Competition Authority, for example, has launched an inquiry into Nvidia's operations and competitiveness in the graphics card and cloud services markets. 

Nvidia also acknowledged that it has received information requests from regulators in the European Union and China. These queries are about the company's GPU sales and supply allocation activities. Furthermore, Nvidia anticipates similar information demands in the future, signaling a larger regulatory examination of company activities. 

Editor’s Opinion 

With the unchallenged popularity of ChatGPT, the increase in demand for GPUs could substantially increase. The fact that NVIDIA is synonymous with gaming could be the reason for its constant targeting. So long as the company does not dwell on illegal or unethical means of business, it won't stop rising anytime soon. 

Ubisoft Accidentally Releases Beyond Good And Evil Remaster 

Yes, you read that correctly. Beyond Good and Evil, the 20th Anniversary Edition was erroneously issued by Ubisoft. Until yesterday, that is. A few months after the ESRB revealed that Ubisoft was working on the latest version of the original Beyond Good and Evil for all current platforms, achievement-tracking sites discovered Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition. That was quickly followed by the appearance of an Xbox store listing for the game (which has since been removed), which was itself followed by stories of Ubisoft+ subscribers having the opportunity to download the game and play it. 

All of this appears to have happened fully without Ubisoft's permission, since the proper shop page has been removed and 30 minutes of gameplay clip posted to YouTube has been wiped by a Ubisoft copyright claim. Ubisoft tried to remove any evidence of the incident from the internet, but eventually gave up and publicized it anyway. 

Editor’s Opinion 

It's mistakes like these that keep the gaming community excited all year long. Now this could have been a mishap or a well thought out strategy to make the game viral. Nevertheless, it gave us one of the best moments of the year. 


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