Warranty & Repair Policy

This policy applies the moment you receive the product. It illustrates your options for any defects concerning a product`s design, material and workmanship. When you purchase a product, your account will detail the warranty information. All orders are eligible for repair. Refer to our Repair policy for accurate information. Our team will get in touch with you the moment you raise the issue. If the product is under warranty PC mart will bear all the delivery charges. It is penitent that you backup all your personal data. We normally wipe all data to be on the safe side and to check for issues.

The process of repair usually takes 1-2 business days. If the product is in the warranty than the repairs costs will be exempted and the warranty period for the product will also be extended. Tech warranty includes repair replacement and softwareΒ support. All products carry a 1 year tech warranty and a 15- Day return guarantee.Β 

Things that void the warranty:

  • Customer misuse of the product that results in defect or damage.
  • Liquid Spillage on the product
  • Un-authorized Repairs of the products
  • Breaking our seal.
  • Crypto mining.

All the above will void the warranty and will not be serviced. The customer must provide accurate information during warranty claim.

It is customers duty to make sure to package the product and is safe to transport. If for some unforeseen reason the package is not properly done and this leads to damage of the product, in that case the service will not happen and we will return the item back to you.

You can contact us at these numbers.

Payment Methods Accepted by PCMart.ae


  • Cash on Delivery or COD
  • Credit/Debit card online
  • Cash payment in our store. This is applicable to Sharjah only.
  • Credit/Debit Card payment in our store.
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Bank Cash Deposit
  • PayPal

Other Countries

  • Credit/Debit Card Online
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Money Exchange
  • PayPal
We do not accept cryptocurrency as a mode of payment.