Pros and Cons of Renewed Laptops
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Pros and Cons of Renewed Laptops

Getting a renewed laptop is always a great idea. But it is wise to check out the pros and cons of renewed laptops that you intend to buy. It gives you an insight into what you are purchasing, is it worth or not. Buying a renewed product is a smart choice, but you should always review the big picture. In the article, you will learn what are the pros and cons of a renewed laptop. 

A renewed laptop is not new but has been kept in healthy condition for resale. Unlike, used laptops that will show signs of wear and tear, renewed laptops do not. You can be at peace knowing that renewed laptop components are in great shape. Pcmart does exactly that. All the items that are intended for sale have been properly tested and kept in tip-top shape.

Pros of Buying a renewed Laptop


Buying a new laptop will cost you an arm and a leg. The newer consumer electronics market is expensive at best. Unless you are willing to pay a hefty price, your best bet would be to go for the cheaper version. Always check out the specification of the laptop.

If the laptop in question is only a few years older, then it is a good deal. Only paying a fraction of the cost and getting upgraded hardware is always a deal. They have a better battery, a bigger screen, and more storage options.

Good For the Environment

Investing in a renewed laptop suggests that you are reusing components to their maximum durability. By doing this, you help reduce the use of virgin resources and lessen the carbon footprint. Each year, 5.8 billion pounds of e-waste is going to landfills.

This is because many consumers opt for newer devices as soon as they come available in the market. They trash the old ones. Many of the items that they throw are in good health and can be used for a longer time. Our excuses are damaging the environment in more places than we can only imagine.

Product Reviews

When purchasing a renewed product, you will get a review of the products. For a newer product, you only have the trust of the manufacturer. You were in no way knowing if the components are off value or not. Look at the RTX 4090. The customer bought the GPU in the trust of the company.

A few days later, it was found that the GPU components were heating up. Reviews suggested that faulty cabling is the reason. These things cost like $1500. Tell me who will repay that $1500 if the GPU is toast.

On par with New

Almost all renewed laptops are on par with the newer generation. This is because many manufacturers only switch to newer technologies after 3 years. For instance, the GTX 1080 is on par with the GTX 980ti. This is because the technology present in the Graphic Cards is the same.

The hardware requirements are major differences between Microsoft Windows 11 and Windows 10. Windows 11 requires Trusted Platform Module 2, whereas Windows 10 works on 1.3. The only compatibility issues many customers will face are the 32- and 64-bit versions. As the latter has become the new normal.


renewed Laptops have the same amount of components that are present in newer laptop models. The key difference is that many renewers keep the hardware in a functional and healthy state. Whereas Newer models tend to have standard specifications, you need to pay extra to add extra.

A newer laptop model will have 256 GB SSD as standard, whereas a renewed Laptop will have a minimum of 1 TB SSD as standard. The higher version of components is present in renewed models. And you don’t have to pay extra as these are included in the price. Pcmart helps to save big when shopping with us.

Cons of buying a Renewed Laptop

Difficulty in finding a Manufacturer Warranty

Once the manufacturer finds out that their product has been renewed, it will void the warranty. That is no issue for customers who purchase from Pcmart, as they provide a full one-year warranty for their products. Any computers that house an SSD get that warranty in place. The manufacturer might have said no to you, but we haven’t. For us, you value more.

Refurbisher standards

Many companies get their hands on a returned laptop and perform a variety of repairs to make these sellable. But that is not the case with Pcmart, as we restore the laptop to its original factory settings. We install the operating system as a sign of appreciation, so the customers don’t have to.

All laptops that we offer to customers are grade A meaning you will not find any blemishes on the laptop. It is like you just got the laptop from the retailer. The only difference is that our version is far cheaper.

Shorter Lifespan

Used laptops tend to have shorter lifespans. But renewed Laptops do not. Pcmart keeps the batteries of renewed laptops in functioning order. This suggests that these will provide you with a capacity charge when you need them the most. It might even surpass what the new laptop will have in terms of durability and functionality.


Yes, the above pros and cons of renewed laptops stipulate that you can easily purchase the laptop with no risk involved. If you follow the requisites, you are safe all the way. That is why Pcmart is a name you can trust.

If you are in the market for a reliable renewed laptop or desktop, we invite you to explore our online store PC Mart and discover the perfect device to meet your needs.

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