Which Renewed Lenovo ThinkPad Is Best for Businesses?

Which Renewed Lenovo ThinkPad Is Best for Businesses?

When running a business, using a laptop at your workstation is crucial. Among the options, professionals have consistently favored Lenovo ThinkPad. However, what if you could enjoy the level of performance at a lower price? 

This is where renewed Lenovo ThinkPad come into play. Renewed laptops have become increasingly popular due to their sustainability and cost-effective advantages. These laptops undergo testing and quality checks to meet or surpass the manufacturer's standards. 

PC Mart has some top-rated renewed laptops and laptop parts in the UAE market. For all good reasons, this renewed ThinkPad  have always been a top choice for business people. Following are the top 5 renewed Lenovo ThinkPad for business organizations and startups. 

Why Choose Lenovo ThinkPad for Businesses?

Buying Lenovo for business work might seem like an internet fad, but they have always been top of the game in the business laptop domain. Especially Lenovo's ThinkPad series, synonymous with durability, performance, and innovation. 

When it comes to renewed Lenovo ThinkPad at PC Mart, businesses have several excellent options to make a choice. Following are some prime reasons to switch to a Lenovo ThinkPad for better business performance:

Longevity and Durability 

Lenovo acquired the ThinkPad line of laptops from IBM in 2005, infusing it with its signature longevity and durability features. Lenovo ThinkPad became the first ever laptop to be used in the International Space Station because of its quality range. Unsurprisingly, Lenovo ThinkPad have successfully passed MIL-STD, the US military durability test for handling harsh environments. 

Endure Harsh Working Conditions

Lenovo engineers put extra protection for the device to endure harsh working conditions. The space station serves as an illustration of Lenovo ThinkPad. Take the Lenovo ThinkPad T Series, for instance, which has demonstrated its reliability in extreme conditions, like the Arctic tundras, deserts, and even the summit of Mount Everest.

When talking about a milder environment, such as your office, the endurance can be in the shape of bearing all-weather conditions, lasting longer, and outperforming competitors. 

Robust Security 

Lenovo takes excellent care with device security, pioneering proper safety measures in their laptop lines. Lenovo developed its innovative ThinkShield end-to-end security feature (in collaboration with Microsoft). 

With the increasing daily cyberattack incidents, having a built-in protective mechanism can help you and your business save tons of money.

ThinkShield ensures that your business assets remain safe against prying eyes by incorporating hardware and software solutions, not to mention the Secured-core feature that adds a layer of protection, giving multi-layered security against firmware attacks. 

TrackPoint Feature

Trackpoint is a form of cursor control found in Lenovo ThinkPad laptops. You see it right in the middle of the keyboard, nestled between the G, H, and B keys. Pushing the TrackPoint in any direction moves the cursor accordingly, just like a trackpad.

The technology behind TrackPoint is the detection of fingertip movement. The TrackPoint is a pointing device that mirrors the direction of a user's activity on the device with the cursor's action on the screen.

You can control the cursor speed and direction by applying more or less pressure to the TrackPoint. These features make Lenovo ThinkPad even more ergonomic, unique, and input-accurate. 

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Top 5 Renewed Lenovo ThinkPad for Businesses at PCMart

At PCMart's online inventory, you can find many Lenovo products besides the ThinkPad series. However, the following 5 are the top priority for business usage:

  • ThinkPad 570
  • ThinkPad T470s
  • ThinkPad X1 Carbon
  • ThinkPad X20
  • ThinkPad 11e 5th Gen

Lenovo ThinkPad 570

Lenovo ThinkPad 570 is one of our best-selling ThinkPad, consisting of up to 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and a 15.6” HD or FHD display. Businesses can benefit from up to 32 GB DDR4 RAM, 1 TB HDD or 512 GB PCIe SSD storage, and AMD Radeon RX 550 dedicated graphics.

With a 720p webcam, backlit keyboard, 2 x USB-C, 2 x USB 3.0 ports, and up to 10 hours of battery life, this ThinkPad line is one of the most widely used business laptops for its features and functionality. 


  • Lots of configuration options for RAM and storage
  • Robust build quality and durability
  • Dedicated AMD graphics for better visuals


  • Only HD or FHD screen options, no 4K display

Lenovo ThinkPad T470s

The ThinkPad T470s delivers portable productivity with up to a 7th gen Intel Core i7 processor packed into a durable 14" "chassis. Users can equip it with up to 32 GB DDR4 RAM and 1 TB HDD or 512 GB PCIe SSD storage. AMD Radeon R5 M430 optional discrete graphics offer extra visual performance. 

The laptop provides a 720p webcam, a backlit keyboard, and ports like 3 x USB 3.0 and HDMI. Battery life is rated for up to 13 hours. Security-wise, it offers TPM support and an optional touch fingerprint reader.


  • Lightweight and portable 14" size
  • Very long battery life up to 13 hours
  • MIL-SPEC tested for durability
  • TPM security chip included
  • Docking station support


  • No latest-generation processors

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

The X1 Carbon is a favorite among business professionals for its lightweight design and powerful performance. The X1 Carbon weighs just 2.5 pounds for execs and remote work but includes business-class features like a fingerprint reader and IR camera for facial recognition.

It features a robust Intel Core processor, 6 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD storage, 14” "HD screens, and Thunderbolt 3 ports. It offers security and productivity anywhere.

At PCMart, the renewed version of the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon laptop undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest standards, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses.


  • Extremely lightweight 2.5 lb chassis
  • Premium build quality and materials
  • Latest Intel Core processors and RAM options
  • High-resolution WQHD screen available
  • Excellent connectivity with Thunderbolt 3 ports


  • 14” screen might be smaller for some users

Lenovo ThinkPad X20

The ThinkPad X20 is an older 12.1" "model but was ahead of its time with premium features like a fingerprint reader. Specs consist of up to a Core Duo processor, 2 GB DDR2 RAM, 100 GB HDD storage, and ATI Mobility Radeon X1300 graphics powering the XGA display.

For productivity, it includes a fixed focus 0.3MP camera, 3 x USB 2.0 ports, VGA, and Ethernet. Battery life reaches up to 7.5 hours.


  • It included an integrated fingerprint reader
  • Respectable battery life for its time
  • Rugged and durable construction
  • TPM chip and other business security features
  • Docking and expansion station support


  • Max 2 GB RAM 

Lenovo ThinkPad 11e 5th Gen

Initially designed for classrooms, the rugged ThinkPad 11e 5th Gen houses up to an 8th-generation Intel Core i3 CPU. It has an 11.6” "D anti-glare display, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB SSD, and Intel UHD Graphics 620. The spill-resistant keyboard and durable design make it ideal for students.

Ports consist of 2 x USB 3.1 Gen 1, HDMI, and USB-C. Battery life is rated for up to 12 hours of use. The features of this ThinkPad laptop make it one of the best laptops to be used in a business environment, even though it isn't marketed as a business laptop.


  • Durable construction 
  • Spill-resistant keyboard
  • Long 12-hour battery life


  • Thicker bezels


Finding the laptop for your business requirements can feel manageable. Renewed Lenovo ThinkPad provide reliability, performance, and quality as brand models but at a much lower price.

Whether you value portability, power, or durability, you can find a renewed Lenovo ThinkPad that suits your business needs ideally.

At PCMart, every restored laptop goes through rigorous testing and refurbishment to ensure it meets the standards. This way, you can make your purchase with confidence. Our renewed Lenovo ThinkPad offer businesses a cost-effective way to access high-quality laptops with exceptional performance and durability. 

Are you considering buying Lenovo ThinkPad for your business or startup? Head on to our website and choose the one you need. 

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